Dive Equipment Servicing

Regulators should be serviced at regular intervals or as stated by manufacturers. To make sure your regulator is in its best working condition, It is highly recommended that regulator servicing should be carried out annually.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! BCD servicing is significant, because substances, such as salt deposits and fine sand might accumulate in the valves, inflators or even inside the BCD jacket. When BCDs are exposed in chlorinated water, rubber and plastic parts would be damaged if BCSs were not cleaned properly. All these will cause serious damage to the BCD if your BCD servicing is not done at the recommended intervals.

Dive computer servicing is as important as BCD Servicing or Regulator Servicing. To prevent the above situation from happening, it is highly advisable to service your dive computer or change the dive computer battery every 2 years or every 200 dives, or whichever comes first.

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